Entropic Information Theory
Entangled Quantum Information and Emergent Gravity.
Entropy and Black Hole Thermodynamics.

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The Fundamental Entropic Information Theory Concepts


The scientific positionement of the new Entropic Information approach is in line with a semiclassical approach.

This new approach stands at the confluence of the principles of mechanics, principle of relativity, electromagnetic theory and quantum mechanics.

For this quantic way to describe the information concept, we have gone further into the exploration of the notion of information viewed here as the fundamental building block of the universe, the entangled quantum information.

By introducing, the mass-energy-information equivalence principle already enonced by Melvin Vopson into some famous equations in physics such as the Hidden thermodynamic of Louis de Broglie formula, the classical entropy formulation, the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy formula, the bekenstein bound, or even certain works of Casini, the entropic Information theory shed light on new global perspectives.

Here, the link between physical objects, entropy and information in the context of black hole physics and black hole thermodynamics is examined.

The relationship between the initial information contained in the horizon of black hole and the final entropy carried by the outgoing and entangled quantum information of Hawking radiation is considered.

In the context of the entropy of black holes and from a semi-classical approach, the black holes entropic information formula as new formulation of Bekenstein–Hawking entropy additionally including the information notion and the time of evaporation of the considered black hole permits to express the black hole entropy down to the quantum level independently of the area horizon’s law permitting to the entropy of Hawking radiation to be entangled with the initial considered black hole seen as a whole quantum system.

This approach avoids ultraviolet divergences.

The black holes entropy turns out to be a special case of the Ryu–Takayanagi conjecture. Ryu–Takayanagi formula being a general formula for the fine-grained entropy of quantum systems coupled to gravity.

That put the accent on the emergent quantum gravity process through the fundamentality of the entangled quantum information.

as proposed in the published research paper :

The Entangled Informational Universe


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