The new Entropic Information approach

Hawking Radiation Consideration


The new entropic information approach take in consideration the Quantum field theory in curved spacetime (QFTCS), where in a single emission of Hawking radiation involves two mutually entangled particles.

The thermal aspect of Hawking radiation comes from separating entangled outgoing Hawking quanta and interior Hawking quanta. A quantum of Hawking radiation is emitted by the outgoing particle escaping; the black hole swallows the infalling particle. Assume that in a finite time in the past a black hole has been formed and in the future; will be fully evaporated away in some finite time.

The black hole will only emit a finite amount of information encoded within its Hawking radiation.

The Hawking radiation is to put in relation with the (finite) entropy and thus the (non-zero) temperature of the black hole: the Hawking temperature.

Hence the absence of the Hawking radiation would lead to violations of thermodynamical laws.

Hawking radiation occurs in an inertial frame where spatial distance doesn’t come into it, and, where the horizon of a black hole is compact.

Hawking radiation is thermal radiation following Boltzmann distribution.

An observer at infinity will see a thermal bath of particles coming from the horizon, even though the quantum fields are in the local vacuum state near the horizon


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